About Us

Our Staff

Our experienced staff will cater to all your needs while you are here, whether you come to our spa because you want to experience a day devoted to beauty, a chance to unwind in a serene atmosphere, or if you come because you want to have a sunless tanning experience, a waxing procedure, or a simple manicure. We offer very individualized facial treatments that are customized to meet your needs when you want to address acne outbreaks, teen skin problems, or problems due to skin aging. Our products are always chosen from the highest quality beauty lines including Yonka Paris from France, Eminence Organics from Hungary, and Skin Authority which is our newest addition and offers medical grade products. Our couture quality products are freshly made each week by hand using the very best organic ingredients from Hungary so the products will nourish your skin, reverse skin damage at the cellular level, prevent acne, and help skin cells to repair themselves. Our products will deliver the nourishment your skin needs in the form of Hyaluronic acid, Alpha Lipoic acid, Phytessence Wakame extract, Xtend Tk with keratin, and Collagen, as well as high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These products will give your skin the ingredients it needs for health and rejuvenation.


Our Services

At our spa, we provide a wide range of waxing procedures and use organic Azulene waxes from France that are kind to those who have very sensitive skin. If you are the daring type, we offer expert Brazilian wax procedures and for those who are not very daring, we can create the perfect eyebrows to suit your facial features. When you want to have a luxurious experience you can indulge yourself with a Mojito pedicure which uses organic mint, raw sugar, and the juice of fresh limes. We provide a choice of twelve luxury organic infusions that will soothe and nourish your skin with fragrances such as French caramel, Green Tea, or Tahitian vanilla. Spend some relaxing time soaking away your cares and your calluses and enjoy having a luxury foot scrub made with Manuka honey.

A great way to relax at our spa is to have a Hot Stone massage using smooth volcanic basalt stones to gently rub away all the stress from your body. Warm oils are rubbed into your body by our experienced masseurs who will create a sensual treat for you without the annoying discomfort that often comes with deep muscle massage treatments.

You can always be assured that our Limon Spa staff will treat you with the expertise and professionalism that you have been looking for in a spa experience. We take pride in creating a serene and comfortable environment where you can forget the cares and stresses of your day. Enjoy our fresh and organic treatments that are free of the toxic chemicals that play a part in so many ailments in our society. When you want to have the very best in a manicure, pedicure, massage, or professionally delivered skin care and wax treatments, we welcome you to come and enjoy our one of a kind, individualized services. Welcome to Spa Couture!